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‘Between The Sheets’ is a series of interviews deconstructing the intimacies of the Photobook hosted by writer, photographer, and educator, Zahra Amiruddin. Engaging in conversations about form, practice, and the editing process; it is an attempt to understand the personal as well as the political introspections that surround the act of bookmaking. In this two part episode, Zahra speaks to Aparna Nori about her book 24 Slides (2022). The book examines personal photographic archives and overlays them with childhood memories of a time of war. Growing up for a brief time in Iraq left a deep impression on the author and her sister, and they often think of the place and the people, the futility of war and its impact on people’s lives. Through the zine Nori looks back into history through a tourism booklet from the 1970s and attempts to read the images and text as evidence and offer counter perspectives through her own experiences.

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