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Mr Rama and Mr Lakshmana, twin brothers, now aged 70 years, have been fixing typewriters from a very young age. Their father started the typewriter sales and service centre in Kalasipalya neighbourhood in Bangalore in 1948. Right out of college, they started training with him and never looked back. The store still stands strong in the same building, and while sales of the instrument had long stopped, the brothers continue to repair and service old typewriters with the same passion and love. The mood within the store is in sharp contrast to the noisy, busy streets outside. There are vintage posters from typewriter manufacturers proudly adorning walls that never saw a coat of paint in all the years. Old Underwoods, Remingtons and Olivettis lie in various levels of disrepair alongside the humble Godrej, Halda and other local made typewriters. There are even a few models with Kannada key overlays! The back room with its worn out work tables, work tools and dismantled instruments piled in a hundred tiny parts, stands as a slice of nostalgia. 

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